Naprzeciw Gallery started its operation in the spring of 2003 as an alternative art venue, coming forward to the young artists, students and teachers of the University of Arts in Poznań, to other galleries, and to all the interested parties. 
    The idea of Naprzeciw and the works displayed within it are in a unique relation to the place, which is special thanks to the architecture of the two parallel rooms, with two separate entrances leading directly from the university yard. On a day-to-day basis the venue of Naprzeciw is an art studio, i.e. a space of creative pursuits, debates and testing new solutions. For the duration of the show this place transforms into an autonomous exhibition venue. 
     Exhibitions invariably take place on Sundays, as of 2009 also on Mondays, between noon and 4 pm. The short duration of the shows is determined by the context of the place and this makes the exhibitions unrepeatable as they offer a chance for direct meetings with the authors, for conversation and exchange of experience. 
     Naprzeciw has no strictly-definite program. It does not introduce artists of only one generation; it is not tied with a particular artistic medium or a specific aesthetics. The idea lies in a responsible, individual and critical approach of the invited artist, his or her openness to what is topical and important in the arts today. The gallery is not only a venue for exchanging opinions, artistic languages and different world views. It moreover constitutes a space of contacts be- tween various cultural contexts. Naprzeciw has repeatedly hosted foreign artists from such countries as Japan, Canada, Germany, Romania, the UK, Syria, and Zambia. 
Naprzeciw works in collaboration with the University of Arts in Poznan and the Foundation of the University of Arts in Poznan.
Naprzeciw Gallery is an initiative run by artists.

Ul. Solna 4 UAP 61-758 Poznań tel. +48 61 8531181  e-mail naprzeciw(at)